Position: 36
o22,30N 10o32,80E

(+216) 72 24 11 11
Fax:  (+216) 72 24 12 12
VHF: chanel 16
Web: www.portyasmine.com.tn

All year r



There are 3 toilet and shower blocks with access by security swipe card which is issued on your arrival at the marina, these also work to open the pontoon gates. There is a laundry where for 8 dinars for a large bag you can get your washing done, it is all dried and beautifully folded. Ideal for those days when you just can't be bothered to get the machine going.
Car hire is easily available , diesel/petrol is not expensive so excursions to the desert or up north are well worth doing. Marina provides the cooking gas refills. 
There are a number of bars and restaurants behind the marina. The marina has a swimming pool open in the summer from June to September and off season any of the hotels are happy for you to use their indoor pool provided you buy a drink or two.
On the SE side of the marina is located shipyard with travel lift 150t and Crane 40t.The  Shipyard also runs a chandlery but it is considered very expensive one. Cheaper alternatives are in Barracksahl and Hammamet.


Port Yasmine is easily reachable from the North by the airport in Tunis (xx km) or in the South from airport in Monastir (xx km). From Yasmine to Barracksahl (xx km) or Hammamet (xx km) runs a bus every 30 minutes. From those two cities you can get a good direct connection to any Tunisian town you want. The alternatives are taxi or louage bus. The Marina also presents a good starting point to make a passage to Pantelleria (xx NM) or Malta (xx NM)  


About the Marina:
Yasmine Marina Hammamet Although a new marina and built as part of a tourist resort is very good the staff are helpful and the security is extremely good . There is always a marinaro to keep an eye on the boats at night and even if you do not see them be assured they are there.
In the nearby town of Hammamet you can find a good Tunisian Restaurant called Condor which is reasonably priced and extremely good.

Additional pictures of Port Yasmine Hammamet can be accessed here.


Monastir is a good marina although it is known to be a bit jam packed in the winter it is run on a bit of a first in last out system which can make it difficult if you are living aboard
and get a few nice days off season when you would like to take the boat out as it is often the case that other boats may have to be moved to allow you to get out.
Saying this it nicely situated in the town so is handy for shopping and the airport etc. It also has many bars and restaurants around to explore and enjoy.
The Port De Peche is great for hauling out and working on your boat,it may not have all the luxuries of a marina but if you want to get some work done
at a good price this is an ideal place. The guys are happy to work on your boat or if you prefer you just get hauled out and do the jobs yourself
After doing all the hard graft or enduring life on the hard for a few days then Monastir marina is a great place to explore and chill out before heading off again.


El Kantoui, is just north of Monastir and south of Yasmine so not so far from Tunis if you want to take a louage and explore the city.
Our visits there have been very limited but we have met a few people who had boats there and who have lived aboard . The downside is it isvery false and seems to have been created purely for tourists the other thing I was not so impressed with was the lack of security . As a prettyplace to stay for a week or so it is ok . On the plus side Sousse is not very far away in a taxi and is a very interesting place to visit.


Is currently being rebuilt and is not open to visiting yachts at this time. Once we have more details we will update this section.

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