On arriving in a new country for the first time it is always useful to have a list of numbers
that may prove useful  I have started compiling some below.

Police 197
Fire    198
Ambulance 190

The Blue Tower or La Tour Bleue in Hammamet has a good selection of Doctors and Dentists
situated in Hammamet it is a 10 minuet journey by taxi
DR Petiti-Latrous general Practitioner  La Tour Bleue tel 72 260 700 gsm 98 254 890 

For those of you with pets on board-There is a very good vet in Hammamet who is also happy to pay visits to your boat should it be difficult to take your pet by car . Should it be neccessary for your pet to be taken to the surgery we now have a car and will happily provide transport there and back for any poorly dogs or cats

Dr Helmi Hamdi Medicin Veterinaire 158 Av. des Nations Unies 8050 Hammamet Tel 72 26 33 67
GSM 98 25 48 42

Reliable english speaking Taxi Driver If you are not to sure about the local taxis Fauzi is a very
friendly honest person just call him and he can take you to where you want he also does day trips to El Gem the Roman Amphitheatre just call him on 00216 98616208 we have known him for 6 years now and we would happily recommend him to anyone

I have now found a very good hairdresser for those of you who after a long season sailing feel in need of either a hair cut /colour and even just a bit of pampering . Her name is Lydee she is French but speaks English she has worked in London and I have found her to be better than any of the hairdressers I had in the Uk Tel 00216 96938212 Thre is also a lady there who does eybrow waxing etc